Gaping Void - change the system

(Cartoon courtesy of Gaping Void.)
My worldview was supported in BOOMING fashion in a post by Seth Godin. I already believed that change has to happen outside of the system. I already believed that changing from within paradigm is flawed. Seth once again was able to market to me in a way that solidified an already existing belief in me.

Most politicians get into politics because they want to make a difference. Doctors want to save lives and care about their patients. Lawyers have their own idealistic views when they get into the game and then the game changes them. We want acceptance. We want success. Acceptance and success in the game means conforming, means compromising, means playing by someone else’s rules. The only way to create change is to play a different game.

Change happens by creating new rules, new fields and new cultures.

This change, in turn, influences what happens in more established arenas.

This is what Seth Godin says about it:

“Once something makes its way to the mass market, the mass market doesn’t want it to change. And once it moves from that big hump in the middle of the market to become a classic, the market doesn’t just want it to not change, they insist.

History has shown us that the answer is crystal clear: if you want change, you’ve got to leave. Change comes, almost always, from the outside. The people who reinvented music, food, technology and politics have always gone outside the existing dominant channels to create something new and vital and important.”