When I ran a music distribution company, it became clear to me that creating a habit for all my clients of buying from us on a weekly basis was vital to my company’s success. Making or receiving calls to and from my best sales people became routine and blended into the conscious and unconscious schedule of our customers.

Today’s post from Seth Godin reminded me of that.

If you want to grow, you’re either going to have to get more people to adopt your habit, (which might require breaking a different habit) or somehow increase habitual behavior among your happy customers.

* Increase the frequency of your newsletter from a monthly to a weekly habit
* Post to your blog daily and your readers will rely on you
* Find products (especially ones that are not one time purchases) in your store that loyal early adaptors will seek out thus creating a habit of coming into your establishment
* Create a schedule for your clients and your services (ex. They come see you 1st and 3rd Friday of every month) and make it easy for them to put it into their calendars)
* What else?