The practice of using popular keywords to describe our products and services is considered the smart thing to do in the world of internet marketing. We are told that we’ll get more traffic flowing to our sites and we’ll sell more products.

What we often forget is that when a word or a phrase is over-used, it loses its power and often its meaning, as well.

Organic is losing its meaning – Organic Cheetos clinched the deal
Thinking outside the box is only used by people thinking in the box
The tipping point has tipped and has spilled over
Porn well, it’s still porn and somehow still sells without losing its meaning

We are so often reminded to be innovative with our products. I want to remind you to be innovative with your language. Meaning is more important then a keyword.

* At the risk of losing the meaning of Seth Godin, I want to once again thank him and his post for inspiring this thought of mine.