I was listening to tracks from one of my favorite albums “Are You Experienced” by Jimi Hendrix this morning.

I can only guess what he meant by this trippy title, but it got me thinking about one of my favorite topics…

The Customer Experience

In software and in the on-line world, creating an incredible customer experience is a huge trend. Internet companies have whole departments devoted to these questions:

• What is the experience the user of my product or service is having?
• How can we make the user experience better, more fun, easier and/or unique?

The amazing experience people have using Apple products is what makes that company legendary.

The experience that you create for your clients is the difference between a commodity service and a highly sought-after service.

Yet I can see that WE, the service-based business owners, pay so very little attention to the experience our clients are having with us.

I don’t mean just paying attention to your service or your expertise. I mean paying attention to EVERY little interaction they have with you:

Your email communications, your initial consultations, customer service calls, the message they hear on your voice mail, your email address, your invoices, what your office looks like, thank you cards, the extra perks you give.

I know I pay attention to the experience of my clients, but providing the experience still takes a back seat to my content or to my coaching.

What would happen if I sat down and designed the experience from the first email my clients get from me, to how a welcome phone call is delivered, to what kind of gift I will send my clients for participating and even to learning what experience they are really wanting with me.

• What if I made the experience my clients have with me more fun?
• What if I made the experience my clients have with me much simpler?
• What if the experience clients have with me had the WOW factor?
• What if I delivered something totally unexpected for every single client?

If I did that…

I would have clients for life!

And that is precisely what I want. And I am hoping you want that, too.

I invite you to explore this topic and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.