I want to share with you about what’s currently happening in
my life.

After 3 years of wanting to move out of the house I had
lived in for 17 years, it finally happened.  And as a result
of that process, I have grown a lot and I now know who I am
and what I want in deeper and more profound ways.

Moving is not fun!

But what is gratifying is envisioning what I want and
taking the steps every day towards that.

My wife and I had no intention of buying a fixer-upper, but
when we both saw the house we wound up buying (and because
of our schedule we saw the house separately), we could
immediately envision what the house wanted to be and what we
wanted to become in it.

This was OUR house.  We wanted it and it wanted us.

Is this a “they lived happily ever after story”?  Not

Now that we are moved into OUR house, the real work begins.
Every single room needs work and every single room is
screaming at us “Please get me done first.”

We do have a vision and our place is going to be incredible in
six to twelve months.  But now it’s about taking small steps
every day to move the project forward.  And as I take steps
forward, my vision is starting to change, too.  And it’s not
easy.  It’s challenging my wife and I every day.

And it reminds me what it was like for me when I was
starting out in my business.  I thought that I knew what I
wanted, but with every step I took forward what I found
would surprise me and almost never looked and felt like I
envisioned.  It felt like so many pieces of my business (just
like the rooms in my house) were screaming at me to get them
handled NOW.

  • Do I have my niche down?
  • Are my packages and offerings attractive enough to
  • Do I have a sustainable marketing system that will bring
    me income every month consistently?
  • How do I talk to my potential clients in a way that will
    have them sign up with me?
  • Etc…

Will all these pieces align together and create a
sustainable business where I get to positively impact the
lives of others and help me create the lifestyle I want for

Now a few years later and my business is flourishing, all
the pieces are aligning and my impact is growing.

But I am reminded with my house project of how unsteady I
felt in the first years of my business.

So if you’re feeling unsteady and not sure if it’s all
going to work out for you.  You are in good company.  You’re
supposed to feel that way.

THIS is the reason why I love to coach, train and mentor.
When you’re feeling unsteady, when you’re doubting whether
your vision will come alive in your business or you’re
unsure of how everything you do in your business comes
together, I am sure.

I’ve been there and I know the way.