The Zone of Genius what the? Yes, this is our G-spot of personal fulfillment. When we are in that zone, we are lost in the ecstasy of the experience. Time flies in fact, time ceases to exist.

Seth Godin writes that he can count on one hand the number of marketers he knows who get to do “Marketing” every day.

Marketers leave their Zone of Genius for their long list of things they do (budgets, coupons, projections, photo shoots, bizdev meetings, meet and greets, etc.) that is technically marketing–cause I think everything an organization does is marketing–but is hardly in the sweet spot.

This happens in our businesses all the time. As an example, I started a record label in 1995 because I loved music and wanted to produce. Yet I spent most of the time doing other things. I was out of my zone too much, wound up being burnt out and leaving the industry all together.

What is your Zone of Genius and how can you spend more time there?