My Top 5 Strategies For Building a $10,000 A Month Business
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“Discover My Top 5 Strategies For Building a $10,000 A Month Business”

That Consistently Attracts All The Clients You Want In Your Local Area
(And Have A Business Full Of Fun And Connection)

What would it be like if you were the go-to expert in your local area, and clients found you instead of you chasing them?

Bill BarenIn this free training, you’ll discover the highly successful local marketing strategies that helped me dramatically expand my business. I actually ended up with way more business than I could handle, and I had to hire 3 coaches to join my team.

I will show you my top success strategies for attracting clients in your local area, which can generate thousands of dollars of income each month. You'll leave this webinar with practical new strategies and actions you can use right away.

Join me for this FREE content-rich webinar and you'll learn:

  • How to attract a lot more “word-of-mouth” clients. Don’t you love it when some refers a client to you? I’ll show you how to increase your word-of-mouth client referrals in a massive way, so you can actively attract them, rather than waiting for them to happen.
  • How to have your business be found on the first page of Google search results. Did you know that 50% of all Google searches are for something local? Chances are, your clients are trying to find you in Google but they are finding someone else. I’ll show you how to be found at the top of Google local search results.
  • The #1 client-attracting belief you need to adopt in order to become the go-to person in your local area. Without this belief, you may be holding yourself back from having more local clients.
  • How to get 5-10 times more clients from doing networking and attending events. Hint: most people are doing networking completely wrong and are wasting their time. I’ll show what I do to generate thousands of dollars EVERY time I attend an event.
  • My powerful step-by-step systemfor consistently attracting high-end clients in your local area.

If growing your business all by yourself just doesn’t feel right and you want to feel like you’re not in it alone, that you’re a part of something bigger, a community – then register for this information-rich webinar now using the form on the right.


~ Bill Baren

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