“Teleseminar Enrollment System:
Create And Fill Your Own Income Generating Teleseminars, Step-By-Step”

This program is specifically designed for coaches, consultants, holistic practitioners,
authors, speakers, and other business owners who provide professional services.

Teleseminar Enrollment System is an online training program and community that shows you how to create fill your own teleseminars so that you can reach a larger audience and make more money while making a bigger difference.

Bill Baren Teaching Teleseminar Enrollment SystemsYou'll learn the EXACT same system I’ve used over and over to create 6 consecutive 6-figure teleseminar launches and add 20,000 people to my newsletter list.

I am certain that when you follow my step-by-step Teleseminar Enrollment System, you'll easily earn back 3 times your investment in this training (all you have to do is enroll 1 or 2 new clients).

The Magic Starts With Offering Your Free Teleseminar

Here's why free teleseminars should be included in EVERY business owner's business model.

First, when people sign up for your free teleseminar, you go from being a complete stranger to someone that they view as an expert.

Then, your free teleseminars give people a substantial taste of what you do, and many of your listeners will want even more of what you have to offer!

This is why ALL of my marketing (and 6-figure launches) start with a free teleseminar.

When you hold a free teleseminar, you can have thousands of potential clients sign up to hear your valuable content. That may seem daunting when you're starting out, but you can build up to it! I regularly attract 2,000-4,000 people to my teleseminars by following the methods taught in the Teleseminar Enrollment System.

The best thing about teleseminars is that you can sign up a MULTIPLE new clients during one phone call (compared to finding clients one at a time).

When you learn my system for creating and filling free teleseminars, you'll be able to:

I know from experience that teleseminars are THE most effective way to take a big leap beyond working one-on-one. Teleseminars let you expand your reach to help clients all over the world, make a much bigger impact, and earn big money (one of my teleseminar launches brought in $250,000 this year!).

So when you start using teleseminars, you can get your message and your work out to MUCH larger audiences, both nation-wide and world-wide, regardless of where you are located. It's a great step if you're ready to expand beyond working with local clients - especially if you live in an area with a limited number of your target clientele.

Are You Ready To Learn Exactly How To Attract More Income Than Ever Before, Reach A Lot More People And Cut Back Your Workload? Does That Sound Like Fun?

Here's The Program Curriculum And Schedule

Building blocks of businessThe Teleseminar Enrollment System curriculum provides you with a 5-step plan for turning your experience and expertise into compelling teleseminars that can bring you thousands of dollars a month - without having to leave your home office.

After you register, I will guide you through a 5 week "on-demand" training program that starts immediately, and it includes 2 weeks of dedicated focus-time for implementing what you've learned.

Just Follow The System

I've figured out a system for doing teleseminars that are highly successful. In fact, it’s the main method I’ve used to grow my business to 7 figures. Now I want to show you exactly what I do to create that kind of success. And how you can do it too.

I want to give you the information you need to host profitable teleseminars. Information you don’t usually figure out by accident.

In fact, I’ve met plenty of entrepreneurs who try to "wing it" and host their own free teleseminars without any real training or guidance. Unfortunately most of them aren't getting the results they really want.

But once you know the secrets of how to put together and market an effective teleseminar – it’s the easiest way to jump your business to the next level.

Module 1: How To Attract A Ton Of Your Ideal Clients To Attend Your Teleseminars

Even If You Don't Have A Big List Or If This Is Your First Teleseminar

Reach more people using our Teleseminar Enrollment SystemYour free teleseminar can be a powerful way to fill your programs and generate thousands of dollars of income, just by using your telephone.

But in order to get rock star results, you’ve got to get people registered for your teleseminar first.

In this module, I’m going to share with you the exact step-by-step formula I use to regularly attract 2,000 to 4,000 people to free teleseminars.

This is something you can learn too! Many of my private clients have learned how to seriously increase the number of potential clients listening to their free teleseminars, and there's no doubt in my mind that you can learn it too.

This module alone will revolutionize your free teleseminars, because you’ll never be stuck wondering how to fill your calls.

In this module, you’ll discover how to:

Module 2: Create A Compelling Teleseminar That Attracts New Clients, Fills Your Programs, And Sells Your Information Products

You’ll Get My Step-By-Step Formula For Confidently Delivering Content And Offers That Your Audience Will Love

Confidently delivering contentYou’ve got them on the call – now it’s time to do your magic.

First, I'm going to show my formula for creating compelling content that your audience is going to love.

So you've provided great content and your audience is wanting more. Now it’s time to present your offer.

This is where the rubber meets the road! You created the free teleseminar as an opportunity to inspire people to invest into your products and services. You’ve worked hard to put it all together – so wouldn’t it be a shame if you fumbled your offer and didn’t make any money?

Next, I'm going share with you the exact step-by-step process I use to successfully offer my services and products to my teleseminar audience.

When you offer your services the right way, you come from a place of service. And you feel generous and helpful, not as if you're pushing something on someone.

That’s why I'm including an entire module on creating content and making an client-centered offer that leads to people ordering your products and services.

During this module, you'll discover how to:

Module 3: Design Irresistible Income-Generating Offers That Inspire Your Audience To Say Yes

Not Sure What To Offer Your Teleseminar Audience? I'll Help You Create 3 Concrete Offers Which Are Proven To Generate Income

What to offer to your audience?In this module, I'm going to show you the 3 concrete offerings you can offer during your free teleseminar, all of which are proven to generate income.

I often my clients say "I want to give a free teleseminar, but I'm just not sure what to offer."

One of my goals for the Teleseminar Enrollment System is to give you my complete guidance for teleseminar.

So not only am I going to show you how to attract people to your teleseminar, and how to provide great content and make an offer.

I'm going to show you 3 specific offerings you can present that will be a "highly attractive" for your listeners.

During this module, you'll discover how to:

Module 4: Triple Your Sales AFTER Your Teleseminar Is Over

How To Leverage Your Successful Teleseminars To Create Substantial Additional Revenue After Your Call

Create additional revenue through teleseminarsHere's a secret you may not know about teleseminars: the marketing you do AFTER your free teleseminar accounts for 50 to 70% of all your sales.

In other words, what happens AFTER your free teleseminar just as important as what happens during your call (If not more so!).

Here, we show you how to maximize sales by saying and doing the right things at the right time after the call.

During this module, you discover:

Module 5: Leverage Your Teleseminars Into Profitable Information Products

I’ll Share With You My Practical Steps For Creating Successful Information Products

Creating information products from your teleseminars is a key step to going beyond one-on-one services to create revenue.

Creating information productYou’ve done all the hard work to prepare content for your teleseminars – now it’s time to leverage it.

With an information product, you do the work once to create it, then market it indefinitely. It's one of the simplest ways to leverage what you’ve already done.

The result? An ongoing stream of income AND a significant expansion in your reach. This creates leverage so that your income isn't tied to the number of hours you charge your clients for.

During this module, you'll discover how to:

I'll Be There To Help You Throughout The Program

Bill StandingFor 3 months you'll have access to a live monthly Q&A session with me, where you can get your top questions answered as well as powerful coaching to support you in getting into action.

In these live group coaching telecalls led personally by me, I’ll work with you to:

Bring any questions you have about creating and filling teleseminars, get feedback from me, and get inner game breakthroughs that will transform your teleseminar results.

Equally valuable, you'll learn a lot from the advice that I provide to your peers during these calls.

Special Bonuses To Elevate Your Teleseminar Success


I want to give you my most powerful tools and resources - so that you have everything you need to have incredible success with teleseminars.

This set of resources is worth as much (if not more) than the Teleseminar Enrollment System itself. Check these out!

BONUS #1: Create Your Teleseminar In A Weekend Blueprint

easy to follow stepsI'm going to give you the step-by-step blueprint for you to develop your compelling teleseminar - in 2 days or less!

One of the things I noticed in teaching business owners is that there can be a gap between receiving information and actual implementation. So I came up with a super-duper easy way for you to create your teleseminar.

I'm going to give you an easy to follow blueprint, which guide you through creating your teleseminar from scratch, with my step-by-step templates to help you.

At the end of a weekend, you will have your teleseminar done!

VALUE: $997

BONUS #2: 6-Figure Teleseminar Email Marketing Templates

generate lots of ordersLet's make things easy! I will hand you a complete set of proven emails I've used to fill my teleclasses AND generate lots of orders after the teleseminar is over.

So you'll be able to model my "email marketing formula" to promote and fill your own profitable teleseminars.

Did you know that 50-70% of your orders will actually come AFTER your free teleseminar? Yes, the email marketing that you do after your free teleclass is absolutely essential.

Now here's the juicy part. I'm going to give you a sequence of emails proven to generate orders after a free teleseminar. So you'll get a complete "behind-the-scenes" explanation of how I generate so many orders even after the call is over.

VALUE: $1,997

BONUS #3: Bill Baren's 6-Figure Teleseminar Launch Plan

Planing out teleseminarThis is a truly exceptional bonus: I'm going to show you exactly how to plan out your teleseminar launch, week-by-week.

With my launch plan in hand, you'll be able to increase the number of people who sign up for your teleseminars and maximize the number of orders you generate.

This is actual one of the biggest question areas I encounter. "When do I send my promo emails? How many should I send?" And so on.

Whether this is your very first teleseminar, or you're a teleseminar veteran who wants to boost your teleseminars sales, you are going to love the launch plans I'm providing.

EXTRA BONUS: I'm also going to give you something I haven't seen ANYONE else provide: an actual launch plan for creating a 6-figure teleseminar launch.

Needless to say, this exceptional bonus alone is worth your investment in this training!

VALUE: $997

BONUS #4: Teleseminar Technical Setup Made Easy

People often ask me: How do you set teleseminars up technically once you have the content planned?

technical setup 101You'll get my "technical setup 101" guide that will show you the easiest ways to set up things like your bridge line and audio recordings.

Even if you've never done a teleseminar, I'm going to recommend specific resources (many of which are free or low cost) so you can get your tech setup done right away.

VALUE: $497

BONUS #5: “I Believe In Myself” Program

I believe in myselfWhen you have an unshakeable, powerful belief in yourself, everything in your business changes.

I want to help you bolster your belief in yourself, so that first reaction you have to challenges AND opportunities is "I believe in myself."

And when you conduct your teleseminars from a place of "I believe in myself", you'll have amazing connections with your audience, and your results will be higher than you can currently imagine.

VALUE: $497

BONUS #7: 2 FREE Tickets to “The Big Shift Experience” LIVE Workshop

Big Shift 2013

As a special bonus, you'll receive *TWO Free* seats to the Big Shift Experience live workshop, including all of the workshop bonuses!

At my signature event, I’ll take you through business strategies that will take your business to a new level of impact and income. And this is your chance to network with a community of successful business owners and potential JV partners.

VALUE: $1,994

What People Are Saying


“I've invested in a number of teleseminar 'how to' programs over the years taught by leading experts in the field, and I have to say that Bill's Teleseminar Enrollment System is THE BEST.”

Liz Lynch"Not only does he give you a fantastic overview of what you need to market, create and deliver an income-generating teleseminar to your ideal audience, he gives you EVERYTHING you need to get it done!

The templates, the worksheets, the samples, the scripts were so valuable. While others claim to have a step-by-step formula, Teleseminar Enrollment System truly delivers on this promise!"

Liz Lynch

I’ve already used his methods to get incredible results.”

Gary Henson“When I did a teleseminar interview with Bill for my audience of business coaches, I knew that he would go above and beyond to provide them with practical, how-to tools and strategies they could use right away.

What I didn’t expect was that he would generate a ton of sales - and that I would be learning right along with my audience!

I immediately recruited Bill to give me high-level coaching to give me an extra edge for my own teleseminars and sales conversations.

I would recommend Bill in a heartbeat as a go-to-guy for anyone who wants to learn how to sell their services in a way that is connected, authentic and inspiring.”

Gary Henson, Founder,

His methods for enrollment are utterly effective!.”

Callan RushI've experienced a ton of success in my own business, and worked personally with some of the most successful Business Gurus around. I've studied sales and marketing for over a decade, spoken on live and virtual stages around the world, and I've made millions from my knowledge.

However, each and every time I speak with Bill Baren I am completely humbled. I feel like a beginner!

His methods for enrollment are evolved, innovative, leading edge, heart based, and utterly effective! If you have the opportunity to learn from this man - don't think about it. Do it! He changed my life and business for the better.

Callan Rush

“Bill is a Teleseminar Money Magnet”

Morgana Rae“Bill Baren has come up with a great step by step system for doing teleseminars.

Honestly, teleseminars took my business
- from $3,000 one month, to $20,000 the next month...
- which grew to $100,000 in new clients in three months.

Teleseminars are a great way to reach a larger number of people
in the least amount of time and you'll enjoy learning this system from Bill!”

Morgana Rae

Bill Is Simply THE Go-To Expert On Teleseminar Success

Kate Steinbacher"His ability to engage an audience is palpable AND the information he shares is so valuable your invitees walk away feeling energized and ready to tackle the world…

AND then when folks sign up for a program with Bill, they are assured that the quality and value will be 10-fold and their learning, nothing less than breakthrough!

Having Bill on a teleseminar is like manna from heaven. Working with Bill Baren is a joy.

Thanks Bill!"

Kate Steinbacher, PCC, The Coaches Console

“When It Comes To Teleseminars That Rock -
Bill Is The Expert I Call First”

Christine Kloser“Bill Baren knows more than a thing or two about teleseminars. I've seen the impressive growth in his business in the last few years and he owes much of this success to hosting teleseminars.

For me, teleseminars have helped me increase my business by $100,000+ per year and have played a major role in building my list to nearly 20,000 subscribers.

I know you will enjoy learning Bill's system on how to create and fill Teleseminars, and you too will be on your way to creating a more successful business by reaching a larger audience with your gifts!”

Christine Kloser

“If you hate to sell and feel like you have to be someone else in order to close a new client, you can take a deep breath and chill out... Bill Baren style.”

Nancy Marmolejo “Bill’s techniques take you to a place of calm in stressful situations (such as selling), and teach you how to stay grounded during an enrollment conversation.

He helps keep you out of your head and focused on serving the other person.

If you love to coach or help others but start feeling antsy when it’s time to enroll, then Bill is the one to learn from.”

Nancy Marmolejo


Our “It Works” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

        My team and I are completely committed to you achieving amazing results with your business - and getting results with this program that well exceed the investment.

        That’s why I guarantee that this program works, and that you will get results when you do the work and implement my system.

        In fact I’m so committed that you get the results that you want, if you implement my system and don’t see results, I will make sure that you get extra support from my team to help you create results. If you still don’t get results, I don’t deserve your money and I’ll happily refund you.

        Important: We require that you submit your completed homework before we refund you. Because we know if you take action and apply the Teleseminar Enrollment System training program, you will get results. And if you do the program assignments and you don't see a return on your efforts, then let me know within 30 days of your purchase and we'll be happy to return your investment.

        This program has generated breakthrough results for hundreds of heart-centered business owners and I know it can do the same for you.

Yes, I Want to Join the Teleseminar Enrollment System!



“Yes, Bill! I would love to join you in the
Teleseminar Enrollment System training program”

When I get the Teleseminar Enrollment System Package, I will receive:

1) The Complete Teleseminar Enrollment System training program (Value $1,997)

2) BONUS #1: Create Your Teleseminar In A Weekend Blueprint(Value $997)

3) BONUS #2: 6-Figure Teleseminar Email Marketing Templates(Value $1,997)

4) BONUS #3: Bill Baren's 6-Figure Teleseminar Launch Plan (Value $997)

5) BONUS #4: Teleseminar Technical Setup Made Easy (Value $497)

6) BONUS #5: "I Believe In Myself" Program (Value $497)

7) BONUS #6: The “Teleseminar Enrollment” Practice Community (Value: $997)

8) BONUS #7: 2 Free Tickets to my Big Shift Experience Event! (Value $1,994)

9) 3 Months Of Group Coaching with Bill Baren (Value $997)

10) Exclusive Members-Only Community Support Website

11) A Wealth of Special Bonus Resources, including valuable step-by-step scripts, templates, and done-for-you marketing materials

12) MP3 Audio Recordings Of All Telecalls

13) Transcripts Of All Telecalls

TOTAL VALUE: $10,970

NOTE: All of the Teleseminar Enrollment System training materials will be delivered via downloads through the private members-only site.

I understand that I’m investing in the Teleseminar Enrollment System with NO RISK, because it comes with Bill’s personal full money back guarantee.

Choose One Payment Option Now:

Choose Full Pay Option $1,997



Pay 6 Monthly Installments of $397



Bill Will Help You Get Results. Period.”

Christian Mickelsen“As a business colleague of Bill Baren's, I've personally watched him grow a big email list and a big business over the last few years.

He knows what he's doing and has a lot to share with other business owners to help them grow faster and easier.

Bottom line - listen to Bill. He's got your back.”

Christian Mickelsen

“What Kind Of Return on Investment Can I Expect With This Program?”

If you've read this far, then you probably have a serious interest in harnessing the power of teleseminars in your business.

Think of this as an investment on which you most definitely can expect a return.

Simply host ONE teleseminar that lands you a handful 1 or 2 new clients or a handful of product sales and you’ve made your investment back. But my expectation is that you'll step out and do a lot more than that.

So the investment for this course is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of revenues you can generate in the next 12 months using what you learn. And there is the additional revenue you can make when you turn your teleseminar programs into products.

In short - the skills and know-how you’ll get from the Teleseminar Enrollment System could easily bring in 20 times (or more) what you’re investing, just in the next 1 or 2 years of business. That makes this a straightforward business decision.

I’m confident in this program. And I’m confident you’re going to learn everything you need to know to implement income generating teleseminars on a regular basis. That's why you have my personal 100% guarantee.

Interested in making this kind of investment in your business? I’d love to work with you!

The thing I’m personally excited about is that we get to work together to help you increase your impact and make a bigger difference in the world. Every client you enroll is another person you can serve with your unique gifts and talents.

One Last Reason to Join The Program Now

Bill BarenThe last thing I want to say is this - the world needs what only YOU can deliver.

I sincerely hope teleseminars can help you bring more of your message and your special expertise to a larger audience.

There’s another important side of this - being successful at teleseminars is an invaluable skill you’ll use for the rest of your business life. So this is an investment that will bring returns for many years to come.

I’m here to help you, my teleseminar system is ready to help you generate more income, and there's a community of support available for you.

Now it’s up to you - to powerfully DECIDE that you will finally have the teleseminar skills that will help you serve more of the people you’re here to help.

Join the Teleseminar Enrollment System training program today

I look forward to getting to know you better and to working together!


Bill Baren
Founder and President, Bill Baren Coaching

P.S.: Still have questions? Drop me a line via email at


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