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Bill Baren
Business Transformation Coach

What would it be like if 80% or more of the prospects you talk to became clients?

I remember what it was like having lots of conversations with prospects and consistently coming away from those conversations empty handed. Those consultations left me frustrated and even doubting if I was in the right business.

Since I hated how that felt, I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about the art of enrolling clients.  I knew that without this skill my business would never grow.

Several years ago during a meeting I was leading for the San Francisco Coaches Association,  I experienced one of those “aha” moments.

I was starting to share the strategies and methods I use to “enroll” new clients – the room got totally quiet and people started feverishly taking notes!

At the end of that meeting, I was mobbed in the front of the room. That’s when I realized that what I was doing during those “sales conversations” with prospective clients is way different from what most other business owners were doing.
(By the way, I often like to use the word “enrolling” instead than “selling.”
To me, enrolling = inspiring other person to see a new possibility for themselves.
This is in contrast to the pushy vibe that "selling" sometimes has.)
In the last 4 years, 80% of the prospective clients I’ve talked to said YES to hiring me as a coach.  That’s what led me to dramatically expand my business AND consistently have a waiting list to get in to work with me.
So instead of spending tons of time networking and having lots and lots of consultations, I spend the majority of my time actually bringing in income.
We all know that having one-on-one consultations, doing teleseminars, and speaking on a stage are awesome ways to bring in new clients. But there’s a hitch…

Getting people to pay for your services is not always easy.

If you would like to have more clients say YES to hiring you, you’re going to love these strategies I’m going to share

On this 75-minute call, I will share with you some of the secrets I've personally used in my business.

If having a sales conversation with a potential client is your worst nightmare – or something you want to get handled - I promise you'll get breakthrough ideas and methods from this FREE call!

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Everything I’m going to share with you on this call are basic, no-cost practices that you can start using right away to get more clients during your one-one-one consultations, teleseminars, and live presentations.

Here’s a bonus benefit – the methods you’re going to learn are also perfect for having potential partners say yes to partnerships with you!

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Bill Baren
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